How effective is leadership development?

How effective is leadership development? Some things to consider:

  • Prior to the economic crash, many of the investment banks that indulged in dubious behaviours, were lauded for their leadership development programmes.
  • Regularly we heard commentators in the media reference a lack of leadership, and with recent scandals in politics (such as the expenses scandal) or companies (banks, media, etc), one can come to the conclusion that these commentaries have some merit.
  • One, of the many, recent surveys on trust in leadership in organisations, found that only 7% of employees trust their organisation’s leadership.

I could add more bullets to the list, but I think by now you’ve understood my point. Organisations have collectively spent over many decades billions on leadership development, and that collective spend has produced the kinds of results we see above. That should cause us to pause and think.

Oh yes, I know that many people report that they get value from the programmes and the ‘happy sheets’ used in many organisations as a way of measuring success, usually report nice things (when this doesn’t happen the programme or facilitators are changed), but somehow this doesn’t translate into a significant change in leadership development training company in india

However, if we look more closely we see that ‘happy sheets’ have long been understood to be an ineffective way to measure the impact of programmes. Longer-term studies are often flawed with an over-reliance on emailing large numbers of people with a questionnaire, where generally only those with the strongest positive and negative views respond (there should be limited numbers with strong negative views because of the ‘happy sheet’ evaluation). This produces results which are artificially skewed towards the positive.

Through this we have data to defend programmes against budget cuts and cynics, but it doesn’t really give any true sense of the effectiveness of this work. And looking at the overall data, with which we started the article, there is good reason to question how effective organisational spend is in developing leaders.

The standard model usually focuses around three core elements, with two optional ones. The three core elements are a combination of psychometrics for self-awareness, models and theories, and some experiential exercises with feedback on performance (building bridges out of paper cups or an equivalent). The optional additional elements are coaching and action learning, which are more time-consuming, more individually focused, and therefore more expensive and less utilised.

This standard model can be quite useful in many ways. The models can be informative and interesting. The feedback on performance in experiential exercises can help me be aware of my blind spots in interacting with others. The psychometrics can be useful to understand that it’s ok that others behave differently (although I question many of the underlying premises of these instruments).


Corporates Team Building Programs and activities



The criticalness of  Team building activities is well known inside the corporate world. Infinityfast manager, Betty Robinson, gives an extensive assortment of modified group building projects to associations all around the U.s. today affirmed the association’s Spring 2014 lists of Philanthropic Program choices.

“Our projects are fun and intelligent occasions in which members are heartily and sincerely included, said Robinson. Projects are innovative and intriguing taking in encounters that create superior group abilities.

Infinityfast philanthropic programs are specially designed for professionals in a wide array of disciplines to engage their senses and stimulate the imagination. Collaborative efforts and communication skills are key features of each activity that respects the individual, encourages teamwork in all its many facets, and draws upon teams’ collective experiences to arrive at innovative solutions. Programs can be customized to meet the client’s individual needs and requirements with Team building companies

One of the firm’s most popular Philanthropic team building programs is Videos That Change Lives in which teams form a venture capital department. Following a crash course in videography, groups plan and create short video pitches to demonstrate their expertise. Videos are shared with other teams and the group with the winning video chooses an actual entrepreneur that will receive a micro loan.

In Make Your Own Roller Coaster, teams are challenged to create a marble roller coaster. The program incorporates engineering dilemmas, cooperative problem solving and innovative thinking processes.  Roller Coaster templates are donated to schools and children’s organizations upon completion.

Teams launch their group to victory in the entertaining Catapult program. Participants must design a working catapult that will be used to attack the castles they assemble. The interactive exercise is a light-hearted session that encourages artistic skills, role-playing and imagination, while utilizing skills in science and physics. Competitors learn through play and kits are donated to children’s organizations upon completion with Team Building trainer.

The culinary Fiesta Challenge is making a return this year as one of the most requested team building programs. Groups are asked to create a recipe for a stunning snack using salsa, guacamole and Sangria. The program can be customized with piñatas and maracas for donation to children’s charities.

Green technology takes center stage in Race For Recycling, in which teams build an environmentally friendly car using solar power and recycled products. The team building exercise incorporates principles of energy conservation, organizational skills and recycling, culminating in the ultimate tournament. The kits, cars and educational materials are donated to local schools.

Teams come together to make a difference in the lives of hospital-bound children in the Helping Children Heal exercise at Infinityfast. The inspirational program combines imagination, games and activities in a medical-themed session that includes the creation of a custom coloring book and piñatas that are donated to brighten the lives of community children.

Food, fun and themed topiaries are combined to create edible, kid-friendly treats and a message of hope for children during Infinityfast The Giving Tree program. Teams collect items that will be used to decorate food-themed topiaries in preparation for donating them to children in need. The trees are adorned with participants’ handwritten “leaves” of wishes, inspiration and encouragement. The session can be used as a stand-alone activity or as an addition to other programs.

Teddy bears have the power to provide comfort and solace and the Team Teddy Bears program connect participants with the local community. Participants play games to earn Teddy Bear Bucks to obtain costumes and props for the creation of a custom Teddy bear that will star in its own storybook adventure written by the bear’s creators. Bears are donated to local charities in corporate team building training.

Fans can follow Infintyfast and its sister company Go Team Building on Facebook at , on Twitter at on Google Plus, and on LinkedIn at  Visitors to the official website can obtain the free report, “9 Steps to Organizing a Successful Team Building Event”.

The Spring 2014 team building programs at Infinityfast offer sessions filled with fun that give back to the community. The firm’s unique programs allow participants to step out of their comfort zone in an atmosphere that fosters creativity and acceptance, with fun-filled

Top 5 Sure-fire Business Ideas for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

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It is hard for any e-commerce website developmentcompany to survive if it doesn’t have planned any specific goals and ideas. No matter what size of business you plan, lack of meticulous ideas it can produce only devastating results.

If you got the initial idea right then no can delay the success of your business, be it online or offline. While most prelude that in order to come up with bright ideas one need to come up with unique ideas and it requires a lot of time to launch on to one.

But, you don’t have to all the times. In fact, by analyzing the performance of

e-commerce development company in today’s market, it will be easier to strategist your business and drive it to success.

Here, down below I’ve compiled a few ideas which can help you emerge as a successful e-commerce entrepreneur.


Field-first approach: ecommerce development company

If you really want to make the most of your business, a simple way is to analyze the field you’re into. First of all, select a field where customers are dying hard to any specific services or products. It isn’t wise to set up a business in any particular field where there is no necessity for the customers.


Start with local market: ecommerce website development

E-commerce Development

E-commerce Development

Most often e-commerce owners think about bringing up ecommerce development sites that serve customers globally. Only a few focus on serving the local customers before going global. If you carefully read the stats over the years, the companies that target local market and achieve success would have a great record of sales in global market as well.

So, never leave out local marketing. Target the customers in neighborhood and provide them with products they long for and win their trusts. This would help you achieve grand globally.


Sell stuff unique yet attractive: ecommerce development

It is natural to sell stuff which every love. But, when ecommerce development services comes to online business, staying different and unique is the best way to take your products or services in front of customers. So develop products that are inspiring and attracting customers to a great extent. Convincing your customers and making them stay engaged with the business is only possible when you hit people with something different and irresistible.


Market innovatively with our best e-commerce website designers : ecommerce web development

Though there is nothing called innovation really exits, it is possible to impress your customers with something they never dream of before. Marketing often requires change in strategy and often you’ve to come up with new techniques and tools to market your products indicatively.

Offer solutions to customers on-time:

E-commerce Development

E-commerce Development

Customer service proves to be the toughest worries for most ecommerce web development businesses. The better the customer service offered by your business, the more your reputation and popularity among the customers!

Compared to yesteryear’s, the idea of offering customer service is not so difficult today as you’ve social media to your assistance. With this approach, you’d be able to convert more buyers to your business. Keep in mind, customer service is the best way to build trust and improve customer conversions.

If you’re a novice or someone with a little bit of experience on e-commerce business, then throwing a glance at the above ideas would help you build a perfect e-commerce website with rewarding outcomes.